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Wake up easy: how to overcome morning complacency

Просыпаемся легко: как побороть утреннюю несобранностьAll of us know this feeling when in the morning, so I want to stay under the covers.

In the morning it is sometimes difficult to quickly Wake up and get ready for work.

Simple tips will help to overcome this problem. Experts suggest immediately after going to bed with his legs dangling off the bed. This is the fastest way to go from sleep mode to awake mode.

As soon as possible after waking up, you need to open the window. Sunlight and fresh air will instantly fill you with energy and vitality. Wake up in anticipation of something pleasant. This can be a favorite cake for tea or a morning newspaper. Importantly, the idea of something pleasant motivated you as soon as possible to get out of bed.

Carefully pick up the melody alarm. Today we have access to any of the songs and melodies. Put the alarm on a kind of music that will not annoy you, even at six in the morning. Drink a glass of water on an empty stomach. Water will give the body the signal that it is time to Wake up and “Wake up” the digestive organs. Take a shower. The interaction with water of contrasting temperatures, will instantly help you to Wake up.

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