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Wage growth or welfare?

Рост зарплат или благосостояния?

Officials in the strategy of socio-economic development of the Novosibirsk region planned to raise the average wage by 2.2 times compared with the year 2018. At first glance, the statement of such plans sound great, but it is necessary to analyze this in more detail. Most interesting is that this strategy 2030, i.e. for a period of about 10 years. This situation is reminiscent of the tale of Hodja Nasreddin – during this time, either the donkey will die, or the Sultan will die.

Рост зарплат или благосостояния?
For example, the average salary level in Russia in 2000 and in 2019 – 2223 of the ruble and 46549 rubles, respectively. By simple arithmetic calculation, we can say that in 10 years the earnings of the Russians grew at 20.1 times! The phenomenal breakthrough! However, the real picture is dismal. Such earnings growth does not reflect the real growth of income, and if you look at studies, on the contrary, the income of workers falls annually. This contributes to the higher growth of prices and tariffs. The capitalist system based on exploitation of workers and the enrichment of a handful of capitalists at the expense of the majority of the population does not allow the system to work differently.

Рост зарплат или благосостояния?

Hence we can conclude that the strategy of raising salaries does not reflect the real enhancement of the welfare of the population. In contrast to today the officials should remember the program, carried out with I. V. Stalin, do not favorite contemporary servants of the bourgeoisie. Then in the USSR annually declining prices for commodities, which contributes to the real welfare of the population without raising wages!

However, the bourgeoisie continues to tell us about the inefficiency of socialist socio-economic formation, in order not to lose their stolen capital. The task of the workers to begin to deal with this propaganda and go to take decisive action to eliminate the capitalist system and establishment of socialism. Together, workers achieve unique results.

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