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“Vyrivska” Gerald Brom is now available!

In stores seen a new book Gerald Brom, cool artist and part of being a good writer. Talking about the illustrated novel “Vyrivska” (The Plucker), which is already possible to drag in the home library.

The book joins the series of “Dark fantasy Gerald Brom” from “AST”. It is only 160 pages, but it is more expensive than any of the predecessors, because inside is actually a lot of art. For example, in the official store publishing house right now “Vyrivska” give 846 rubles.


In the ghostly realm of imagination Jack-of-the-box, abandoned under the bed, in the dusty darkness, spiders forgotten toys, forced to accept a bitter truth: children grow up and toys are left in the past. Jack is convinced that this is the worst thing that can happen to a toy.
But when in the realm of imagination penetrates the evil spirit Vyrivska, and Jack trusted the dubious role of defender of Thomas, the same boys that threw it under the bed, Jack discovers that the toy may get worst, much worst fate. It would seem that the situation is desperate, but in a difficult moment to help Jack come other Thomas toys — Monkey, the Nutcracker and the unearthly beauty porcelain doll named Snow angel. In an effort to save their beloved boy toys, struggling to rise above their simple roles of puppet…
Combining storytelling with the unique captivating illustrations, the world famous writer and artist Brom, working in the genre of dark fantasy, has created an illustrated novel of stunning imagination — a world where traditional fairy tales are combined with evil and filth, love and heroism, suffering and sacrifice.

We should not forget that until the end of the year should go to another book artifact from Bromine: artbook “Heart shadow”. Oh, the sheer devastation these new products!

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