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VTSIOM: Every fifth Russian was unable to relax this summer

ВЦИОМ: Каждый пятый россиянин не смог отдохнуть этим летом

In 2018, the average holiday budget for one member of the family in Russia grew by 37.1 thousand rubles, and gambling and a resident of St. Petersburg spent in one of the casinos of Monaco 33.3 million rubles.

22 percent of Russians are unable to take a vacation last summer. These are the results of a survey conducted by the all-Russia centre of studying of public opinion (VTSIOM), published on Wednesday, September 26. At the same time to relax on the shores of the Black sea, according to the survey, managed more than 9% of respondents(in the resorts of Krasnodar region – 6%, in the Crimea – 3%). Slightly less (6%) went abroad. Every third Russian (32%) spent free summer days at home, and another 26 percent preferred to rest in the country.

According to sociologists, the Russians spend the most on outbound holidays this summer decreased compared to last year. If holiday budget on one family member in 2017 reached 37.3 thousand rubles, in 2018, it amounted to 37.1 thousand rubles. While the Russians spent on vacation less than expected: according to a survey carried out in may 2018, they planned to spend on one family member average of 44.2 thousand.

The main reason for dissatisfaction with the holiday Russians call the inability to go where you originally wanted (37% among those who went on a tourist trip, and 39% among those who remained at home), and a short leave period (27% and 12% respectively).

Sberbank reported purchases abroad

A day earlier, on Tuesday, September 25, Sberbank of the Russian Federation presented a report on the expenditures of Russians abroad. The financial institution analyzed the transaction on cards that were physically in another country. According to experts, the average spending of Russians, paying by credit card, amounted to 67 thousand rubles for a trip.

For three summer months, the citizens of Russia have spent on foreign trips 141,23 billion rubles (excluding the cost of tickets), while about a quarter of that amount (RUB 34.7 billion) was spent on cash withdrawals at ATMs. From the remaining amount, approximately half (48.5 billion rubles) was spent on payment of accommodation. Among other major items of expenditure – spending on clothes (14,3% of total), food (6.2 per cent) and restaurants (5.8 percent).

Walk so to walk

Sberbank also revealed data about the unusually large expenses of Russians abroad. The most expensive summer foreign purchase of 7.3 million rubles – was made in a shopping center on Hawaii. In a French restaurant a Russian paid for dinner, 3.1 million rubles are Allocated and expenditures of Russian citizens who visited this summer, the Principality of Monaco. Gambling and a resident of St. Petersburg for one night left at the local casino 33.3 million rubles, and the Muscovite, decided to eat at a fast food restaurant, broke up with 895 thousand.

Identified financial institution and one of the most active tourist 2018. To them became 28-the summer inhabitant of Yakutsk, which is for three months, used the card of Sberbank in 26 States.

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