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Vote? – You lost!

Голосуешь? – Ты проиграл!

One of the most discussed issues in 2020 in Russia was the issue of amending the Constitution. And now, President Putin once again from the podium are urging the public to actively participate in some kind of “popular vote” on the issue. Despite the absence of legislation such a tool, this initiative continues to drag by all means.
Technology of elections in the bourgeois state was developed long ago and, in fact, carries the same fundamental principle – the deception of the population. After all, for capitalists, actually holding in their hands the power, no matter how people would vote. It is sufficient to include the logic to understand that the powers that be won’t part with it just. For this they need a farce in the form of “election” in which the choice is actually there.
The population, constantly deceive for many years, it becomes inert, loses faith in “elections” and the current government. So, while most people do not realized the real truth to their problems, the bourgeois leaders, seized power, an urgent need to legitimize. To do this, by all means pull to the election of as many people as possible to them and a poke in the nose that supposedly it was voted on by the majority, so sit down and do not arise while we Rob you.
The apparatus of the organization and carrying out such a large fraud contains a few tools, this substitution of results of voting, and coercion of civil servants and public sector employees to vote for the “right” candidate or through the threat of dismissal, etc. in Spite of this, a huge number of people remain in opposition to the current government. And then enter into the work of a specially created “opposition” parties and organizations, whose task is to control and contain this population. This organization is not the first decade is the Communist party.
But name anything the Communist party does not have. The program abounds in beautiful phrases, but does not have the main Communist signs, and Vice versa, all speckled with points to a “coexistence” of capitalism and socialism, which is impossible. For 30 years the Communist party operates, but the result is only a loss of public confidence, which, by the way, is also a goal of this organization, because they undermine the confidence of the people in General the Communists in the country.
Consider 1996, when Zyuganov in the presidential election received the most votes for his candidacy is 53%. However, due to the bourgeois games victory in the elections gave Yeltsin. What made for this reason Zyuganov? Leaned on the people and joined the struggle for the decision of the majority of the population? Began the transformation of the state, moving it back on the rails to build communism? No, he just refused to fight. Hiding behind the words about fear of civil war, he simply took his place at the trough for many years and continues to receive wages from the capitalist government.
The same policy of the Communist party adheres to this day. Come 2020-th year, and the Communist party continues to agitate the people to go to the vote: on the question of amending the Constitution. Yes, the slogan is a call to vote against the amendments, but what’s the point in voting for changes to the document or against, if this document is not accepted in principle? And what’s the point, if the calculation of results will deal with the same people that want to make these changes?! For any honest Communist and citizen of our country it is clear that in 90 years there has been a counter-revolution and came to power, the capitalists. Conducted counter-revolution was the starting point for the final entry of the capitalist system in Russia, in simple words, the translation of the main part of the population in wage slavery, from which so hard he was released in 1917.
Where on earth were all those faces that we all know well, for example, the same Yeltsin? Those people who were deliberately destructive policies in the Soviet Union as part of the Communist party, bringing to the economic problems of the state. After the purposeful destruction of the Soviet Union from within, these same people were already open struggle, but on the other side of the fence. Here is what the figure of Yeltsin’s team Valery Khomyakov about the election of 1996:
First and foremost, we managed to create the feeling of threat of the return of communism with all the attributes: queues, shortage of alcohol, cigarettes and soap. Now many have no idea how this could be, and then it was all fresh in my mind.
We managed to create the feeling of threat of the return of communism
“Vote or lose!”, “God forbid!”, “Buy food for the last time!” — these slogans worked.

After long years many of those people openly admitted the affair and told how they carried out certain actions and why. Sorry, still do not understand many people in our country. Leaders of the Communist party and other organizations are “voters” to the polls and vote, no matter whether to vote “for” or “against.” Their main task – to ensure the attendance of the population and thereby ensure the legitimacy of the current government.
Our task is to explain to people that the elections and voting in the bourgeois state is a game with a Sharpie. The result does not depend on voting. Therefore, the real method of struggle – the boycott of elections and voting in principle. That’s what I’m afraid of the present regime. Therefore, it was a reduced turnout for the elections, are driven people, companies and institutions on voting for popularizing, allocated huge funds for campaign promotions including “opposition” parties and organizations.
We can only sum up in the words of Lenin:
“The bourgeois Parliament, even the most democratic in the most democratic Republic which remains the property of the capitalists and their government, is a machine for the suppression of millions of workers in groups of exploiters” (PSS, V. 37, p. 457).
“Every few years to decide which member of the ruling class to suppress, razbavlyat the people in Parliament – that’s the real essence of bourgeois parliamentarism, not only in parliamentary-constitutional monarchies, but also in the most democratic republics” (vol. 33, p. 46).
“…A real “public” work behind the scenes and perform departments, offices, headquarters. The Parliament only talk for the special purpose to cheat the “common people”” (vol. 33, p. 46).

P. I. SK Rodnik, Novosibirsk


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