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Volvo has been developing its own artificial intelligence

Volvo занялись разработкой собственного искусственного интеллектаAI will appear in cars soon.

Now new supercomputer handles data from 27 different type of sensors (primarily cameras and radar) and its development continues.

A lot of car manufacturers now have powerful computers that will soon replace the drivers. The Swedish company Volvo introduced the Zeus supercomputer, which is able to ensure the autonomy of the fourth level.

Zeus (Zeus) was established in the framework of the project Zenuity, which was attended Veoneer, Volvo Cars and Nvidia. The company’s specialists Veoneer was responsible for development of hardware and basic software while the other partners were responsible for the creation of specialized software for Autonomous control and further integration of the computer in specific models of cars.

It is reported that now the computer’s artificial intelligence Zeus enables Autonomous driving of the fourth level. The platform provides an opportunity for further development, so “Zeus” it will be possible to carry out an upgrade to the fifth level.

AI should appear in the drones Volvo in the beginning of the next decade. It will be the production model on the platform Scalable Product Architecture 2 (SPA 2), which means the heirs of the current 90-th and 60-th series.

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