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Volkswagen is preparing a new hybrid car

Volkswagen готовит новый гибридный автомобильCO2 emissions from the new sedan will be approximately 31 g/km.

VW has developed a new power system for your plug-in hybrid Passat with an extended electrical power reserve.

Plug-in hybrid version of the Volkswagen Passat that is sold in Europe under the designation GTE, became popular on the continent, but was confused mass market high price. Now VW is trying to make new technology more affordable to offer your sedan business class in a cheaper trim levels.

In many ways, the new items decided to borrow from Skoda, which next year is preparing to introduce a new Superb model with plug-in hybrid powertrain. This decision will allow the Passat to become a bit more accessible.

The new powertrain is the same 1.4-liter gasoline engine producing 154 HP and 114-horsepower electric motor, which promises to seriously upgrade. It is planned to increase electric power reserve of up to 70 kilometers. This run should provide a new lithium-ion rechargeable battery with a capacity of 12 kW.

It was specifically noted that the new Volkswagen Passat with plug-in hybrid powertrain will be no problem to meet the most stringent environmental standards. It is planned that the CO2 emissions from the new sedan will be approximately 31 g/km.

Outwardly the hybrid version of the Passat will be slightly different from its petrol and diesel brothers, as the current plug-in hybrid. But the Designers have made every effort to make the family sedan is different from the current flagship of the VW company Arteon.

Since VW will not participate at the Paris motor show, now seriously discusses the timing of the presentation of the new model. While we are talking “about the next 12 months.” More exact date will be known after the date of the presentation of the symbolic for the Volkswagen Golf and the eighth-generation electric hatchback I. D.

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