Monday , November 19 2018
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The symbolic story of the voids under the cosmodrome “East”.

Like, a spaceport – power rockets up, but at any moment it might end in disaster, because the bottom of the void. Built in mighty Putin years. With all the verticals, the national audit office, the Federal special construction. As well as other specials and state.
Show completely…

And all of Putin’s Empire is the same. The facade is painted in bright pictures, smiles, happiness had risen to his knees on all fours, tanks are going, and want to touch the hand of rotten plywood.

Arm passes freely through the drawn state power, the greatness, of the great victory and gets into some covered with cobwebs empty historical space, which take there is nothing – there dumped Soviet junk so frightened flee from the light of the awakened agitated cockroaches.

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