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Vlasenko: Yulia Tymoshenko is a sign of quality. Video

Власенко: у нас с Юлией Владимировной стоит знак качества. ВидеоAccording to him, the faction “Fatherland” and clean before the law are all MPs

The people’s Deputy of Ukraine Sergey Vlasenko checked Viktor F. Yanukovych “from head to toe, from the bottom up and top down”.

About it.

“I’m waiting, Yuri V., come on, come on check! I have stamped “quality mark” from Viktor Yanukovych. Let him come!”, – Vlasenko has addressed to Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko.

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Vlasenko reminded that he is in Parliament since 2008. “When I came to the Parliament, went out of business. I have since then, no business. Unlike Poroshenko, who was 20 years old “protected” businesses. I have not, no connections, no relationship to the Executive branch, I and my relatives no business. Have a transparent Declaration and declare all in 2000″ – said Vlasenko.

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The politician added that in his opinion, in the faction “Fatherland” as pure before the law are all MPs.

“Tymoshenko Kuchma checked, checked Yanukovych, wanted to check in and checked Yushchenko. The whole system of Yanukovych worked only against the “Fatherland.” So I think that Yulia Tymoshenko is a sign of quality,” – said Vlasenko.

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