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Vladivostok residents against infill construction

Владивостокцы против точечного строительства

Vladivostok turned out to be no worse of Yekaterinburg, which tried to build a temple on the site of the Park where people liked to spend their leisure time.

Almost similar situation happens with the residents of the houses: Nadibaidze Hermanovski 1 and 8, which are about six months protesting against the construction of a multistory building between their houses. Developer of Vladstroyzakazchik took a building plot with cadastral number 25:28:030002:187, with an area of 37 acres, where it is planned to build a house at 23 floors, 2 of them must be underground Parking for 100 places, the first floor is given for commercial activity, and the remaining 20 will contain 180 apartments.


Residents learned that a number of them will be construction decided not to remain silent, and try to resist building. Wrote to various authorities asking to explain how permission was granted for construction of “green patch” between the houses. Rallied together with residents of Tikhvin, against deforestation, which want to build an apartment complex and a kindergarten.

On these 37 acres are 3 playgrounds, from the slope in the winter, we children, walking moms with strollers. In the end, people were perplexed, why instead Refine the area for the residents of the houses to make a good place to stay, they have to watch as all the crops destroyed, in order that the new building was blocking their sunlight. And from the activities of builders of flying dust and dirt, which is so sufficient flying since 92 the plant and from passing trucks.

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The authorities claim that the developer of Vladstroyzakazchik, collected all the necessary documents and passed all the installed instances, confirms the head of Department of town planning and architecture Alla Shestakova.

The acting head of Vladivostok Oleg Gumenyuk promised to assist in the cancellation of the decision about building. In the end it was the courts and all over the fact that you can build, and stands to not touch it. Of course, what else can you expect from bourgeois law?


The developer is not prevented to build around the iron fence. People began to hang on him the drawings of their children, which contained calls for the termination of the next point of building, felling of trees. There was an episode where women had to defend the area. Moms with strollers blocked the road crane truck that brought the shed to accommodate system-equipment or workers. He had no choice, to turn around and just leave. But the point of this story is never delivered.


Also suffer from the point of construction of Nadibaidze 17, where it is illegal want to build a new supermarket, the residents of the Pervomaisky district, Cherry 4A, 6A, Hermanowska 4, 6, 8, where plans to build a residential complex “Avrora-Stroy”, disregarding the views of tenants, street of Ensign Komarova, Utkinskaya, Nerchinsk, etc.


Everywhere, as to the point of construction, in fact the same problem.

The state as a tool in the hands of the capitalists and oligarchs with its legislation and law enforcement enable large-scale owner to act in their private interests, profits and profitability, ignoring the interests of the residents.

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The majority of the population still believes that the appeal to the bourgeois official with his “lachrymal” maybe something to change. There is still “good Lord” in authority, who will hear the pleas of “ordinary people” and everything will fix it. But this happens only in an election year and in limited quantities to boost their personal image, these gentlemen.

The departure from the “bourgeois dream” is the only way for people to come together, eventually they will be enough to eliminate capitalism. Because people do not want and can not be clamped in a capitalist clutches forever! The desire to be productive members of society will overcome the fear of the Cossack whip, the-top Nazi or a police baton.


Author: Agnes B. (Far East)



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