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Vladislav Inozemtsev. The fate of Russian business predefined

Владислав Иноземцев. Судьба российского бизнеса предопределена

The state, represented by Rosneft and the state in the face of “independent” Bashkir arbitration brought suit both sides of the decision on collecting from Sistema 136,3 billion according to the suit, in which the AFC was accused of deliberate damage to the company “Bashneft”, which she owned and which she had commandeered in 2014

I think that date is the perfect solution to all this and its result. This new Pact “Ribbentrop-Molotov”, in which the destiny of the AFC began to play the role of unhappy Poland. It successfully will be shared to the delight of all participants. The President sadly mumbled that the law is above all, and of course, the Kremlin in what does not interfere. Russian business traditionally silent as he was silent and after the Yukos affair.

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But as you know, after Poland comes the turn of many others. “LUKOIL”, “Norilsk Nickel” “metalloinvesta” — anyone out there feel safe? Read the story of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, let’s recap, what and where has gone their leaders.

The fate of Russian business, I think becoming more certain. The question was rather how much time he still released…

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Vladislav Inozemtsev, doctor of Economics, Professor of Economics

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