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Vladimir Putin: of lucky losers

Владимир Путин: из счастливчика в неудачники

How much different is the atmosphere in which Putin meets the 20th anniversary of his first success in the presidential election, the atmosphere in which he won on March 26, 2000! Then he “pruha was” from all sides, but today he suddenly found himself in the same position as were the reformers of the 90s.

20 years ago, Putin has come on gotovenkoe. The economy began to grow in 1999 due to the effect of the devaluation and market reforms of the 90s. Basayev is very time flooded Dagestan: at precisely the moment when Yeltsin appointed Putin Prime Minister. Harsh suppression of terrorism just a month has made an unknown functionary of the “Savior of the Fatherland.” And then began to rise in the price of oil right up to the monstrous by today’s standards $ 140 per barrel.

Is Putin used his luck to save power by as much as two decades. But today the situation is much worse. Oil prices collapsed, chaos occurs not depending on the circumstances of the President, and he was no longer young and not as confident as before. Yesterday’s speech showed that Putin is not better able to control the situation in the country than the leaders of the “dashing 90”, who undertook to rescue collapsed by 1991, the state.

I don’t want to “throw in President stone”. Today in its place is unlikely someone else could offer a clear, consistent pattern of behavior in a situation of spread of the epidemic and low energy prices, depriving Russia of income. Putin is not to blame for what is happening now, and that he did in the years of his completely undeserved triumph. But if coronaviruses portends for Russia a collapse in the economy, a sharp fall in living standards and loss of people, responsible society will somehow confer on aging, charisma of the President, lost as it may seem to many, the ability to take decisive action.

From the former lucky Putin has now all chances to become a loser, the Manager of his “galley” in a “perfect storm” when agreed in almost all possible negative circumstances.

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