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Vladimir Pozner harshly criticized the participants of show “Minute of fame”

Recently launched the new season of show “minute of fame”. Leading this time was Mikhail Boyarsky, and the judges were Renata Litvinova and Vladimir Pozner.

Of course, among the contestants is not without very strange characters. The audience was kind of shocked a performance spectacular ladies in leather jumpsuit, who performed the song “Blow me, blow!”, and men with a song about the shop from a cold Perm region. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

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However, the judges bravely endured similar numbers, but after performing in the fifth program of a woman with a son, the jury could no longer remain silent. It was frankly weak. “I’ll try not to offend by saying that it is home speech in the contest you can’t participate just on the level. All the best to you!” — commented Sergei Yursky.

After the participants left the stage, my opinion decided to make Vladimir Pozner: “We saw very weak number. The people are nice, they try. And laugh at them! We need stricter then to choose participants in the program. If we left here, have something to show. This is what we now see? Very cute woman, she has a cute son. And laugh. So no need to frame people! I think this is wrong!”

However, his opinion is not shared by another member of the jury Sergey Svetlakov: “Forgive me, dear masters, but those people who go out here and make a complete heresy, not realize that doing the small stuff until you are on stage. They said friends and neighbors: “You’re talented, cool in General, will go out and win all!” And people live with it. While they won’t come, will never know that they are not talented. That’s why personally I am in favour of there was all the palette”.

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