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Vlad Yama shocked fans unexpected statement

Влад Яма шокировал фанатов неожиданным заявлениемIt turns out that the famous dancer long ago, has a special relationship to your partner.

Just a few weeks ago, the singer Natalia Mogilevskaya live “Dancing with the stars” assured Katya Osadchaya that between her and Vlad Yama was a purely friendly relationship on the court and outside it during the first seasons of the show, as this ether Vlad Yama shocked the audience back.

So, the judge and the ex-partner of Mogilev, watching the dance of Natalia and her new partner, Igor Kuzmenko, they sang the song of Whitney Houston I will always love you said that between them was something more than friendship.

“Natasha, after your confession last week, I also have a confession to make: actually we have with Natalia Mogilev was in a relationship – on the floor and dance. I would like to feel that between you and Igor has a passion. While I do not see,” said Vlad Yama.

Left without comment and Igor: “I think your story with Natalia on the floor was a very long time. Is already to forget about it. Now there is a new relationship and a new page”, – after these words, the fans nerespectarea suspected that the dancer and the singer managed to twist not only dance, but also novel. What happens between a couple, actually, and we will not be a love triangle?

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