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Vlad Topalov spoke about their divorce: “We are not made for each other”

31-year-old Vlad Topalov and divorced danilidou the Xenia, the daughter of Russian businessman Pavel Danilin. In an interview the singer was first told why he destroyed his marriage. According to the artist, they Xenia met in childhood. Growing up, young people met again, broke out between them feelings. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Vlad and Kseniya began Dating in the spring of 2014, and were married in September of next year. The wedding was a secret: the ceremony was attended by only relatives and close friends of the couple.

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“Ksenia is a wonderful man, for two years we suffered a lot. And I will never allow myself to speak ill of her. I would hazard a guess for both of us that the cause of the divorce was our inexperience, unwillingness something to each other to concede. When we started Dating, both were at that age where I want to start a family and settle down. But it was such a big “boom” — two faced Scorpion (I kind of believe in horoscopes), bright, emotional, strong, fighting. Here and rushed into battle — not even managed to live together only after the wedding, we started home,” said Topalov.

It turned out that the couple has a different idea of the perfect family. According to Vlad, Ksenia, like any girl my childhood dream was to marry a Prince. Danilina idealized husband, but he was not the hero she imagined.

In November of last year, Vlad and Kseniya took a break and left. The singer hoped that this will help them with the wife to keep the family together, but in March, they filed for divorce. “We are not made for each other, and to leave was the right decision. I got a good experience,” the singer confessed.

After the divorce, Xenia and Vlad remained on friendly terms, although it was given to them is not easy. Now the singer had completely immersed himself in work: writes a new song, plays in the theatre. In addition, recently, Topalov became a co-owner of medical center “Mojica 10”.

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