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Vivo hinted at the release of the smartphone with dactyloscopy in the touch screen

Chinese company Vivo has published a teaser of its new smartphone that it will show on 28 June at the Shanghai show MWCS 2017. The image is a clear allusion to the presence in the mobile phone fingerprint scanner embedded directly in the touch screen, and the words “Unlock the future” also leaves no doubt as to the existence of such solutions.

Thus, Vivo will be the first worldwide manufacturer to release a smartphone with dactyloscopy in the screen. Such devices are now working Apple and Samsung, but their first-born will see the light, respectively, in mid-September and the end of August. As for the other Chinese brands, their plans for release of this kind of gadgets not yet included: third echelon busy cloning Samsung S8 and Xiaomi and OnePlus have already presented their flagships 2017, in terms of new technologies unremarkable.

Name, features, price and other details about the new smartphone from Vivo is classified, but there is speculation that he will repeat the fate of Xiaomi Mi Mix, the first commercially available of bezrabotnykh. The device was released in October 2016, and contained a lot of bugs related to the screen. So it can happen with a new product from Vivo, and then Apple, Samsung and others simply will learn from its mistakes.

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