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Vitaly Kozlovsky decided to “bury” the old songs

Виталий Козловский решил «похоронить» старые песниThe singer does not want to perform material written during the cooperation with the ex-producer Kondratyuk.

Ukrainian singer Vitaly Kozlovsky decided not to fight for the old repertoire, which he was forbidden to sing in court after the completion of cooperation with the ex-producer Igor Kondratyuk.

He told about it at the party Specialyou Kids Fashion Day FW’16 in Kiev.

“I guess it’s time to give up on something that you have burdened so many years and forget it as a nightmare. Cover just cover the coffin and buried. And to go forward in search of a new, better, more worthy, Mature that will reflect you Mature and really. We were looking, we were experimenting, it was a different time, then was a different me. Now I’m completely different, this is not true for me”, – confessed Vitaly.

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Singer also hinted that the conflict with the former producer Igor Kondratyuk is still not resolved.

“It is very difficult to deal with a deranged person who takes revenge. I don’t want to talk about it, it is for me as dead man walking. It’s all evil. This man for me there and everything to do with him either. This is all the technical issues that are solved by law”, – said Vitaly.

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