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Visitors of the Moscow airports were allowed to lie on the floor

Посетителям московских аэропортов разрешили лежать на полуPreviously it was prescribed penalties.

Suburban deputies have cancelled the decision about the penalties for lying on the floor listening to music without headphones and the mounted animals at the airports. Also, the Moscow region Duma has deprived of the Moscow region government the authority to establish such penalties.

Thus, the members agreed to the two protests made to the regional Duma of the Moscow interregional transport Prosecutor’s office.

The Moscow region Duma has allowed the government of Moscow region to set the rules of conduct of citizens in airports and approved fines for their violation in April of this year.

The Prosecutor’s office decided to determine the rules for the use of airports and to establish penalties for their violation, the authorities can only in respect of the airports or airfields that are in their ownership.

What was banned

Violation of the rules of conduct at the airport were asked to consider lying on a floor and armchairs, placing Luggage on the seats of the Lounges, listening to music without headphones, dressing up in the toilets, children riding on the Luggage trolleys and mounted on animals, gyrometer and Segways.

For such violations the MPs was set a fine of from 100 to 500 rubles.

Larger penalties established for officials and legal entities. Bans have spread at Moscow airports Domodedovo, Sheremetyevo and Zhukovsky (Vnukovo airport is located in the new territory of Moscow).

As explained in monoblue, amendments were developed at the request of the representatives of the airports of the Moscow region, who complained about the lack of common rules of conduct on the terminals and the ability to prosecute for violations of the order.

“It is especially important before the world Cup. At the airport there are uncontrolled areas – areas of the airport and buildings where persons who are not passengers have free access. This contributes to the vulnerability of the transport infrastructure”, – said the Chairman of the Committee of the Moscow region Duma on transport infrastructure Oleg Grigoryev.

To monitor the offenders were employees of the Department of regional administrative transport control. Grigoriev has specified that each airport will operate five or six people.

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