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Visionaries saw the moon in a graveyard full of UFOs

Фантазеры увидели на Луне целое кладбище НЛОThe disputed discovery is actively discussed.

UFO found on the moon a graveyard of alien ships. Supporters of the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations shared the results of observing the surface of Earth’s natural satellite with the public.

They noted that on the surface of the moon you can see the characteristic triangular structures that are alien ships. One of the UFO-Amateurs claims that could see the glass cockpit of the spaceship.

Users agreed that the Moon became the final resting place of the spaceships of extraterrestrial beings. They also managed to discern the triangles of the features of the control panel screen or camouflage. Other users began to argue that the traces of life of the inhabitants of the moon, who died a long time ago, in the early stages of separation of the moon and Earth. Scientists have refrained from official comments, stressing that the Moon is not too well understood to make hasty conclusions.

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