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“Virus-extortionist” attacked millions of computers all over the world

"Вирус-вымогатель" атаковал миллионы компьютеров по всему мируMost affected residents of Europe, Ukraine has managed to remain on the sidelines.

“Virus-extortionist” Scarab attacked millions of computers all over the world. This fact of 24 November stated Forcepoint American company that develops software in the field of cybersecurity.

According to experts, using the largest botnet-network of Necurs were sent to more than 12.5 million infected e-mails. The most affected UK, Australia, France and Germany.

It is noted that e-mail comes a letter allegedly attached file the scanned documents. After opening the computer boots the virus Scarab.

On automatically open a text file with the requirement to pay a “ransom”. Extortionists do not indicate a specific amount but threaten that it will increase over time until the patient will contact the authors of the Scarab by e-mail.

“Virus-ransomware” encrypts various user data on the computer.
The Department of police of National police of Ukraine said that it has not yet received complaints about infestation of Scarab.

The police recommend to be attentive to all emails and do not open files from untrusted sources.

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