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Vintage fabric scientists have found Masonic symbols

На старинном полотне ученые обнаружили масонские символыVintage portrait of Robert burns found the Masonic message.

Alexander Naismith, who created a portrait of Robert burns, left on the picture of the Masonic signs. The experts found them recently.

It is noted that the signs could not be seen with the naked eye, however, in the circumstances, the current owner of the painting noticed the strangeness. Under consideration of special instruments, he noticed that in the picture there are Masonic signs, which are very much like the message.

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Jerry Brannigan, who for more than two years studying the paintings of Nesmith, stated that it had considered a lot of pictures of the author, and other such messages had not noticed. But the film, which was written in 1787, they are available. According to Brannigan, the author applied them to indicate their attitude to the society. He also added that almost sure of they occupy high positions in this secret organization.

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Until 2013, the picture has not been assigned to the work of Nesmith. Also it has long been considered lost. Experts believe that the last written portrait was created for a few long periods of the life of the Creator.

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