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“Viking,” “Groom,” “the Defenders” and others: opened 101 the Russian market

The first day of the film market is usually devoted to Russian cinema. Here there are new details about the movies that are almost ready and will be released, as well as new launches on the wave of popularity of those or other releases today. And here you have something to say.

“Viking,” “Groom,” “the Defenders” and others: opened 101 the Russian market

Copyright movies easier every time in Russia there are about five really good ones plus one or two masterpiece. This is a good pace, we shall go, and the fact that in this year among them are two documentaries, both by the same author, is a symptom. But commercial cinema is in a grave crisis, and it applies not only to ideas and scenarios. For example, almost all the films, the fragments of which we have demonstrated is the so-called miscast – wrong choice of actors. Because of the bright artists, especially the young, have virtually no, there is nobody to play. Here and take the rap for them in the starring great actors, and I want to watch just for them. Hence, the main story here is lost, so the film, although not yet cleared, has failed. A big problem with dialogs in the trailers characters say seriously pathetic, and the audience are snickering because it’s like a parody dubbing of Hollywood pictures. Everywhere the same frame construction, everywhere is bound to have a scene with a naked girl taken from behind, and be sure to show the upper half of the buttocks. In perestroika cinema every actress Directors began to show frontal nudity, today it is modest, but those same backs have already begun to tire. It is evident that the filmmakers completely satisfied with what you are doing, and don’t feel secondary, even in genre experiments, where the originality should be in the first place. This is the General impression, without names, not to offend anyone. In the meantime, here are some interesting facts about today’s presentations.

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The cinemas showed 35 minutes of the film “the Defenders”. Of these, just over 20 minutes of the film, the rest is cutting scenes. All with working graphics. Of course, when the movie is released, it will criticize, and much of it will be true, but it is important that the authors decided to attempt the impossible. In fact, they create kynoselen on par with marvel, and even if the first film fails, it could still live your own life and in the future bring interesting results. Meantime will be next. 15 December will be released a new trailer, which will be a lot of humor (shown in the piece it almost was not). Developed mechandising, and the release of the film the streets of Russian cities flooded with cars with logomotion movie, tablets the free games on them, t-shirts, school bags, baseball caps – scale ads promise incredible. RUB 150 million on marketing. Even the dumplings will be released “Defenders” and on the Ostankino tower, which in the film has a special role, will be a few weeks project is a blockbuster. Meanwhile, Sarik Andreasyan announced that his company is “a Great movie”, the new brand is Enjoy Movies, withdraws all of his paintings from the site “Kinopoisk”: allegedly a few hours before the first sessions of these films movies get about a thousand minimum estimates, because of what their rating is artificially reduced.

The trailer of the film “the Defenders”

– The movie “Bridegroom” to be continued. Two months ago it emerged as an idea and is now in development. The Title “Fiance 2: To Berlin!” The scene – of course, Berlin.

The trailer of the film “Bridegroom”

In 2017, the year will begin shooting the film “the Bremen musicians”. It will not be animated and full-fledged feature film, which will be mounted in a computer-generated animal characters. And it will be an original story, in fact, a prequel to the tales of the brothers Grimm, which will result in the fact that the heroes went to Bremen. And while they play music and at the same time will take part in a knightly tournament, because it happens in the middle Ages.

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– The audience was presented a new trailer for “Viking”. There is a bed scene in the style of “Game of thrones”, and transferred the fears of the main character about the invasion of enemies. But this is not all that is in the movie. Why are only shooting in a real medieval Cathedral, which is located in Ravenna. The filmmakers claim that they first Vatican gave permission to remove and work within these walls. The film seems to be preparing a lot of surprises, and on the heels of him comes “the Legend of Kolovrat”. Generally, in the Wake of the popular animated series about the heroes of us, obviously waiting for a wave full-length feature films on this subject, and although they are all different from each other, the trend will quickly turn into a reason for jokes. It is therefore very important what the result will show first in the queue, “Viking”.

Last trailer of the movie “Viking”

Finally, we presented fragments of Karen Shakhnazarov’s film “Anna Karenina. The story of Vronsky,” which will be released next year. As the name implies, the event will be given in the interpretation of Vronsky, who, old, met the son of Anna and told him what he remembered himself. Yet the most interesting in this version, the character of Karenin, who brilliantly embodied Vitaly Kishchenko. This Karenina movie is not, and watch a good movie at least for him.

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