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Vietnamese Gothic in the horror film “the Maid” (TRAILER)

At home this film was presented in 2016, then lit up on several festivals and now released in the US and the UK.

“The maid” (Cô Haû Gaí in the original and The Housemaid in the English localization) tells the story of how

Rural orphan who came to Saigon in search of work, finds it in a French manor on the plantation of rubber. The owner of a plantation, a Frenchman, a widower, gets to the girl strong feelings that it awakens in the tomb of his late wife.

Starring Kate Nhun (“the Abduction of bitcoin”) and Jean-Michel Riche (“Passengers”).

Director and script writer of “the Maids” was made by Derek Nguyen, better known as the producer of such films as “Bad heart Buster” and “Fresno”.

In February, “the Maid” will be released in limited release USA and the UK, as well as on VOD and Digital platforms. So, for this reason, the American distributor has rolled out here’s a trailer.

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