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Vietnam showed the largest cave in the world

Во Вьетнаме показали крупнейшую пещеру в мире The site is unique not only for its size, but the greenery on the inside.

While people are busy with their problems, nature unbeknownst to all continue to create masterpieces. Some of them are under the feet, though both literally and figuratively.

In Central Vietnam, Phong Nha national Park Provides a cave Shandong with amazing flora and fauna. It was opened in 1991, the Vietnamese Ho Han, to be afraid. The first came in the cave British explorers, who were invited by a local resident. In the cave refused 150 individual grottos, a variety of animals and plants.

A separate world with its climate extends for 9 kilometers, its width is 150 meters. The cave to the end is not complete: every time the experts find something new, amazing.

In Shandong formed a unique ecosystem due to the sun’s rays that penetrate through the collapsed arches of the cave. Trees underground the forest jumping monkeys in the river grow water plants, and rocks cover the mosses. All the time heard hornbills, insects buzzing, etc.

Because of the large temperature changes in the cave at a height of two hundred meters there are clouds. I hope people will not destroy the beauty of Shandong, the emerging for a long time.

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