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Videopresentatie of the protagonist of Quake Champions

Видеопредставление главного героя Quake ChampionsRanger is familiar to fans of Quake.

As you know, Bethesda Softworks and id Software invented an original system of distribution onilne multiplayer shooter Quake Champions: the game is kind of free, but only under the condition that your access is only one permanent champion Ranger (everyone else will have to pay). He focuses on the new trailer for the game below.

Ranger is familiar to fans of Quake, because he was the main character in the original shooter twenty years ago. However, this does not mean that all this time our battle-fighter has gained new skills.

Quake Champions Ranger is a soldier who during the years of severe trials forgot your name and can only think about one thing — how to stay alive.

Active skill of this champion called “Sphere of rock” (allows you to teleport around the arena, dodging attacks, moving to inaccessible places, and even kill unsuspecting enemies, teleporting directly into their bodies). Orb of doom deals damage to anyone who touches it, and if some time not to use it, it will explode and deal damage to all enemies in the blast radius.

Passive skill — “Born fighter” — by 20% and reduces the damage that the Ranger deals himself.

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