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Videobloger died from the bite of a black Mamba

Perhaps it was a kind of suicide live. Perhaps the result of negligence. Anyway, the Russian videobloger Arslan Valeev at the age of 31, died in hospital after he was bitten by a black Mamba.

Arslan Valeev was known as the Creator of TV’s “Private zoo” and BobCat TV, dealing respectively with snakes and wild cats. On the night of September 23 blogger led the stream, which was related to the theme of death.

In Arslan was a difficult period in life, and character, apparently, very unstable. It is known that he was stalking his ex-wife, scandals because of jealousy. The girl reported that Valeev tracked her down and publicly beaten. After that, from the ex-spouse was accused of cheating turned out to be false. For subscribers who came to see the lynxes and snakes, of course, the showdown did not like. Shortly Arslan heeded the reviews, calmed down and apologized to his ex-wife. Reconciliation, however, was not followed.

It is known that during the ill-fated stream Arslan Valeev at some point left the confines of the frame, and came back and said that he was bitten by a black Mamba. Bearing in mind his experience in dealing with reptiles, it’s hard to believe it was an accident. In addition, despite the mortal danger posed by the poison of the black Mamba, the snake is not aggressive: it feeds on birds and small rodents by attacking a person, but only internally. In short, it need to provoke.

The audience watching in shock stream Valeeva, called an ambulance, and he himself went out to meet the doctors, but to save Arslan failed. In the hospital he was put into an artificial coma from which he has failed. On 25 September the doctors recorded the death.

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