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Happy birthday comrade Stalin congratulate 90 thousand prisoners of war, who did not want to defend the power of the Communists and surrendered German prisoners in the summer of 1941.

This is the result of effective management of the country, comrade Stalin. The article “the Tragedy of the 41st” I cited figures showing that, already at the beginning of August 1941 in a German prisoner surrendered more than 600 thousand soldiers. And by the middle of October 1941, a prisoner was already 2.28 million soldiers and officers of the red army. Also the Germans were 9.38 thousands of Soviet tanks and 16.4 thousands of planes with red stars on the tails.

In that article I made a conclusion from this data: tens of thousands of soldiers and officers didn’t give up would be crowds in captivity, if they really wanted to fight. Of course, ardent fans of comrade Stalin began yelling with all his might about the various “objective factors”, the problems of fuel, ammunition and other terrible deeds, as if Soviet tanks needed ammo and fuel, and the Germans easily do without it. People do not seem to understand that for the Germans the problem of fuel and ammunition were much more relevant than for the red army as they attacked, but not defended near their bases. And yet here is the result: thousands and thousands of red army soldiers surrender in German captivity, rather than thousands and thousands of Germans in the Soviet.

And then, finally, I found frames that show firsthand what was happening then. What ammo? Yeah look at these terrible Amateur footage made by one of the German officers. In these dailies 90 million (NINETY THOUSAND!!!) strong men. And NO German escort. Some half-naked German Feldwebel in suspenders drives stick soldiers, like cattle, from the tank water so they are not drunk all, and left wounded and weak. And the soldiers dutifully run away. What was supposed to happen in just a few weeks of fighting, the people turned into a herd? And it had to occur 20 years of the effective Manager. That’s all. And people stopped being people and have become like cattle. Not all of them. Yeah, someone resisted. But ninety thousand men, if they wanted to fight, not walked dejectedly would be somewhere on the side without any protection. Eerie footage. Killer.

But after Stalin the people of the RAM’s horn turned down, so these frames were not. Several million peasants died of starvation in 1934 for the creation of the Soviet heavy industry and production of thousands of tanks and tens of thousands of planes that were supposed to reliably protect the Soviet border. In the article “Tanks instead of bread” I stayed at this moment. But in the end, after the first blows of the Wehrmacht, almost all crumbled to dust. Isolated cases of heroism and thousands, tens, hundreds, thousands of cases of surrender.

The comment of the author of the shooting: “These people were so pathetic, but happy because he was able to escape from a global nightmare”. Can you imagine that? The soldiers rejoice because finally fell into German captivity and fight for comrade Stalin is no longer necessary. And heading out West without any protection on the side of the dusty road. And past them to the East carried by German trucks. Here it is – the complete apathy of the summer of 1941 personally. That ninety thousand men, if they had hatred for the enemy and a desire to fight, could not rush to the trucks, to disarm, to resist? Could. But they didn’t have anything – no hatred of the Germans, nor the desire to defend comrade Stalin. Only apathy and joy that the war was over for them so quickly.

And comrade Stalin, if I was an honest man, would have to sentence himself in the autumn of 1941 to the death for the fact that all the countless millions of rubles spent on the construction of tanks that cost people millions of peasant deaths, boomed into the pipe; to shoot himself for the failure of all of its foreign policy; for the fact that just a few months the enemy has seized a huge territory and almost all the industrial potential, for which years has exhausted the millions of Stalin’s fortress.

But Stalin did not shoot himself. And the chip is formed so that in December 1941 the war entered the United States. Due to whom their own barbaric ruthlessness, Stalin persevered and eventually won. Therefore today thousands of anomalous creatures would splash a saliva of delight in his honor the surrounding space. Well, as they say, history only teaches us that it teaches nothing.

And 90 thousand prisoners of war from the above skills, also joined their voices to the General hubbub of voices. Let’s see that footage again, look at these people that about comrade Stalin knew a little bit more modern fans of the indomitable talent of this outstanding and effective Manager. I wonder how they would react if someone began to tell them what a joy it is that the authorities in the country in 1917, captured the CPSU(b) and any outstanding personality is comrade Stalin? Answer two: be killed immediately, or killed slowly and painfully. I do not come readily to mind.

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