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Video from the void

In our greedy paws hit just two excerpts from a promising indie horror film “the Void” (The Void) is a movie that many (including us) mercilessly FAP since February, when the first trailers and the first reviews. Comparisons with “the thing” John carpenter and horror classics of the 1980s are expensive.

In fact, from excerpts of the more interesting one: it has action, and most importantly – it is noteworthy monster, which, besides, once (if we correctly understand what the characters speak) was a man. The second passage and the quality is worse, and not so interesting.

During a routine patrol police officer Daniel Carter finds a deserted road in the middle of an unusual sculpture that is able to suck people’s blood.

Anyone interested, the first trailer for “the Void” you can look here, the second here and the third and final one here.

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