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Video-conference on scenarios of horror from the producer of “Queen of spades”, “Bride” and “Dawn”!

“On every project there is a producer” – the motto of the relevant resource IWantFilm. Everyone or not, but with the active participation of Horror Web this year a number of projects can really find a producer. August 17, ended with a reception scenario of applications in the genres of horror, Thriller and sci-Fi in the framework of the Second Annual Screenwriting Competition Horrorcarried out by the Studio “10/09” and producer Vladislav Severtsev supported platforms IWantFilm, YouTube network Horror Web, and specifically our favorite and the only Zone of Horrors.

And already on Friday, 14 September, 2018 17:30 (Moscow time) will host a meeting of Vladislav Severtsev with the authors of the applications included in the shortlist of the competition. The theme of the meeting was the discussion of the results of the competition and the prospects of the running projects.

Immediately before the beginning of the meeting will be posted her video that everyone will be able to see on the page of the contest on the platform IWantFilm and Horror Web sites: here, in memory, as well as our colleagues RussoRosso and DARKER.

Last year in the first such competition such meeting has already taken place, what we published booolshoy report:

The way for Russian horror! Meeting with the organizers of the contest horror scenarios (INTERVIEWS, PHOTO and VIDEO)

This year the organizers and the memory will go EVEN further: the company Severtseva, producer of such films as “the Queen of spades: Black ceremony”, “Bride” and the upcoming “Dawn”, will be meeting with writers, the editor-in-chief memory Parfenov M. S., who helped the organizers at the first stage of the competition as one of the invited experts on the genre.

Stream is available for everyone who seriously wants to achieve anything in the field of scenarios of domestic films in the genres of horror, Thriller and sci-Fi. Regardless, you were in the shortlist of the competition or not participated this year or are planning to participate in the following (and it seems that the Third Annual Contest – be) – suggest to have a look. Besides, the page translation in YouTube everyone can online to ask questions.

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