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Victoria Bonia is resting in Dubai without her husband, causing the rumors about the breakup

Socialite and TV presenter Victoria Bonya and her civil husband, businessman Alex smerfit, in October celebrated the anniversary of relations — 6 years ago they started Dating. Then Bonia decided to abandon the banal gifts and directed the film, which was dedicated to his love for Alex.

Three days ago, Victoria Beaune was 37. Your birthday TV presenter decided to celebrate alone — without family. Not in Monaco, where she lives with Alex and daughter Angelina, and not even in Russia, and in Dubai.


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Fans immediately noticed that something is wrong — Bonya puts a joint photo with her husband and does not show a daughter. “Victoria, why Alex deleted my profile in Instagram? A couple of days ago was still. Photo of a joint in a long time. Is all well with you? Love you, so sincerely worried,” “Vic, are you and Alex broke up? So many partings. Or just haven’t post a joint photo? I want so all was well. Especially where kids grow up to be a complete family” — worried about fans for Victoria (the Spelling and punctuation here and further more. — Approx. ed.).

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Video posted by Victoria Bonya (@victoriabonya) 28 Nov 2016 3:27 PST

Bonia has not commented on the situation, and fans noticed that her birthday passed and she never even shared her gift from her husband. We will remind, on March 17, 2012 Victoria Bonya and Alex smerfit first became parents. Their daughter Angelina was born in nice, where later moved the whole family. “I am very happy, I guess, I didn’t even know what happiness is!” — then wrote the TV host about his daughter.

Вика Боня

Роман Виктории Бони и сына ирландского миллиардера Алекса Смерфита начался со знакомства на вечеринке

«Мы отлично провели время, но я и не думала, что это будет история с продолжением», — рассказала Боня в одном из интервью

Отец молодого человека, бизнесмен Майкл Смерфит, явно не был в восторге от того, что сын выбрал девушку из России

Ситуацию усугубляло еще и то, что Вика на пять лет старше Алекса

Свадьбу эта пара продолжает откладывать, ссылаясь на занятость

Алекс заявил: «Мы помолвлены и обязательно поженимся — через пару лет!»

Телеведущая утверждает, что ребенка они со Смерфитом планировали заранее, при том что не собирались играть свадьбу

"Алекс очень хотел сына", — однажды призналась Виктория

Но сейчас он обожает дочку

Семья живет в Монако

До знакомства с Боней Алекс пользовался славой ловеласа

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