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Victoria Beckham has revealed the secret of a successful marriage

Виктория Бекхэм раскрыла секрет успешного бракаThe girl said, due to which was added such a relationship with the famous footballer.

In an interview with the Dutch version of Vogue Victoria Beckham told about the secret to a successful marriage with her husband David, who is that “they have a lot of fun”. Yes, it was fun, despite the fact that serious designer has become a byword, and some do believe that Victoria has forgotten how to smile.

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“If I was as unhappy in life as some of the pictures paparazzi, my husband and children probably wouldn’t be so happy as they are” said the celebrity

In addition, Victoria Beckham has told how she manages to combine physical activity and parental responsibilities:
“Every morning I run three miles, and then another hour of exercise in gym. After that I prepare Breakfast Romeo he goes to the kitchen, when the toaster is first to the ball his first toast.”

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