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Victor Crowley’s next: the release date and a poster!

As we reported recently, the brutal slasher Comedy “Victor Crowley”, will be released in 2018, and now we have the exact date! Rejoice, for it is too long to wait!

However, strictly speaking, the fans are in anticipation of the continuation already in 2013, when he released “Axe 3”, and until recently did not have accurate information about what the next film will take place at all. And then Bang, flash and premiere!

At the helm once again Adam green, Director of the first two installments of the franchise and the author of the script all four. But the main character this time will be Andrew young, the character , parry Shen, from the third “Ax”.

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In 2007, nine people were literally torn to pieces in the swamps of Louisiana. Over the last ten years the only survivors, Andrew young kept saying, as if the massacre perpetrated horrible Victor Crowley from local legends, but the guy no one believed. And now the fate of Andrew returns to the scene of the tragedy to push nose-to-nose with the bloodthirsty Ghost from the past.

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The role of the monstrous villain once again will perform a diehard Kane Hodder. Also in the caste listed as “scream Queen” Tiffany Shepis (“Night demons”) and Felisa rose (“sleepaway camp”). Well, it was nice to see in the name list, chase Williamson from “In the final, John will die.”

So, “Victor Crowley” will arrive on DVD, Blu-ray and VOD already 6 February 2018.

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