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Victims of state capitalism

Жертвы госкапитализма

Almost every Russian could make a complaint to the authorities for any of their actions damage. But while the opposite is true: the state takes action to the citizens.

One of the deputies proposed to introduce in Russia a new category of beneficiaries — “victim of Perestroika.” Over the legislator a couple of days poironizirovat and the subject was closed. And in vain, in my opinion. To the specific benefits, the case would still not reached, but the discussion on who owes whom for the Restructuring, the 90s and on to the present day, could get interesting.

At any stage of history has its victims and beneficiaries. Without the Restructuring and subsequent events, many that those in power today at best would be in charge of the Department or warehouse, not ruled a huge country and not dispose of her wealth. That is, these people to the big win.

And material claims to the state in the face of its current rulers beneficiary from the “victims of Perestroika” — citizens who lost in those years, job, health, savings — quite fair.

The problem is that such measures should be extended to victims of all post-perestroika years before our time.

For example, thousands of orphans, after the entry into force of the “law of scoundrels” without waiting for any foreign or Russian adoptive parents.

Or hundreds of thousands of pretensioner, each of which is a recent psevdoreforma robbed at least a million, not counting previous withdrawals of pension savings.

Or the victims of optimization in medicine: how do physicians themselves forced to work for 2-3 bets or even departed from the profession and patients, who for months could not get to the right specialist.

Or the victims of the annexation of Crimea — almost all citizens that beginning in 2014 under the weight of sanctions, counter-sanctions and a new arms race live poorer and poorer.

The list of victims is long, almost everyone had accumulated accounts to the leadership of the country for a long twenty years.

Moreover, the government first shows an example of converting political grievances into cash — it’s about multi-million claims government agencies to the opposition.

Some of the requirements for the organizers of the Moscow protests the Russian courts have upheld. From “mosgortransa” — for the downtime of buses and change routes during the summer of uncoordinated meetings. From GBU “highways” for damaged lawns at the same time, although most of them trampled resguardar pressing upon the people in the chain ahead through the bushes and flowerbeds prettier of the capital. And from the metro, which allegedly lost passengers.

And ahead — considering even more grandiose as the amounts and of the unprecedented nature of the lawsuits from the Moscow interior Ministry and Prosecutor’s office. In the first office felt that due to unauthorized actions incurred unnecessary costs (payment for overtime) for 18 million rubles. In the second damage to the state estimated at 5 million Waiting for claims from the judicial Department, which not only have to work with the increased load, but also to suffer serious reputational and emotional costs — in fact almost all sentences are accompanied by a refrain of “shame, Shame!”

Infinitely increase the amount of fines for “political” articles and claims last time were a kind of repression. Why sit when you can destroy? And best of both. Such is the state capitalism with an inhuman face, or rather face, closed Balaclava.

The idea is rich in all senses. Among other things, it allows you to dramatically reduce budget expenditures. As already suggest in social networks, “Asgardia” could sell tickets to meetings, and in two formats: one way for ready-to-detention, and roundtrip — for those who want to freely withdraw from the action. Roundtrip, of course, should be much more expensive. The Shuttle bus can take three hundred at least, a day in the office — after a night in a hostel (meals paid separately), the interrogation is not less than a thousand if with a broken kidney or two, because men get tired.

In fact, many police services have long been in fact were paid. There are many cases when it excites only subject to “voluntary” material assistance to the police, otherwise, you will have a hard statement to write. Corruption in the courts is not news.

But to get people to pay for repression in his address — do innovation. Prior to this, even the mustachioed father of the peoples did not think. However, it was building communism, not capitalism.

The current claims of state agencies to the citizens — this is a blatant abuse of the law, as the rejection of the opposition candidates to the elections by hook or by crook. And the Frank, show, without unnecessary reflections using the power of the electoral and judicial systems, leaves no illusions that someone up there is interested in reforming these institutions.

The main problem of the 90’s- not even that the transition from Communist dictatorship to emerging democracy rink went on living people, which was scary and painful, and that it was all for naught. We’re back to the fact of what she tried to escape, but in an even more cynical form. And the “damned 90s” began to play the role of the old Soviet spell of “just war.” And in this sense we all, with the exception of a narrow circle of beneficiaries of this policy, victims of Restructuring. Rather, its inglorious end after three decades.

And all the no benefits is not enough.

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