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Victims of Russian military operations in Syria, thousands

Жертвами российской военной операции в Сирии стали тысячиRussia denies responsibility for the deaths of civilians.

Victims of Russian military operations in Syria over the past three years were more than 18 thousand people, including about 8 thousand civilians, of which more than 3 thousand women and children. On Sunday reports the British-based Syrian monitoring centre for human rights abuses. According to human rights, with the start of the intervention, Moscow helped Syrian President Bashar al-Assad twice to expand the territory under its control.

The authors of the report lay the blame on the Kremlin for the appearance of millions of Syrian refugees. According to observers, the Russian air force in Syria had used internationally banned incendiary bombs indiscriminately. Human rights activists said that Russia is constantly spreading lies about lack of involvement in the deaths of civilians.

The authors of the report expressed disappointment at the failure of the international community to influence Moscow. They called on the UN security Council to immediately stop the killing of Syrians and to achieve justice for alleged war crimes in Syria.

In turn, Moscow stated that its troops in three years of operations in Syria allegedly destroyed 85 thousand terrorists. During this time, presented Sunday to official figures, killed 112 Russian soldiers. The Russian defense Ministry has acknowledged the loss of 8 aircraft, 7 helicopters, and several pieces of ground equipment.

Earlier, us officials acknowledged that during the operation of the Pro-American Coalition against the “Islamic state”, banned in Russia and several other countries, killing more than 1,100 civilians. Human rights activists argue that this figure is six times more.

Russia denies responsibility for the deaths of civilians and insisted on the need of transition of the whole of Syria under control of Assad. With this purpose earlier, the Syrian army, Russia and Iran were planning to take over Idlib province – the last stronghold of the armed opposition, however, as a result of the negotiations with Turkey, as well as persistent concern of the US and EU Vladimir Putin and his allies refused to attack the area, which is home to more than 3 million people.

Russia officially joined in the Syrian conflict three years ago – September 30, 2015. Moscow said that he did it at the request of Damascus for help in the fight against terrorism. The Syrian opposition and Western countries, however, stated that the real goal of the Kremlin was to crush armed resistance to Assad and to save his government from defeat, which in 2015 was inevitable. For three years the international community has repeatedly expressed suspicion that Russia is committing in Syria war crimes, including by use of bunker-busting cluster and phosphorus bombs in residential areas. The United States also accused Moscow of covering up the alleged chemical attacks of Assad. In the Kremlin deny these allegations.

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