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Victims of frosts in Europe were more than 70 people

Жертвами морозов в Европе стали более 70 человекIn the region there is the greatest since 1963 cold.

The lowest in recent decades temperatures and heavy snowfall in the Balkans, Greece and Eastern Europe led to the deaths of dozens of people. So far recorded 73 deaths.

This winter, the region is the greatest since 1963 cold. Indicators thermometers at night fall below minus 20 degrees Celsius. Just this week the Balkans was freezing 15 people, most of whom were elderly and homeless.

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The humanitarian Agency’s aid is particularly concerned that more than 15.5 thousand migrants and asylum seekers housed in the Greek Islands in the camps who do not have adequate infrastructure.

A similar situation is observed in Serbia, where more than 7.5 thousand workers. The Serbian authorities on January 11 called for all migrants to move to shelters on cold nights. But hundreds of migrants have remained in makeshift shelters, abandoned warehouses and train cars in Belgrade.

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