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Vice-speaker of the state Duma believes that the birth rate is falling due to the Internet addiction of youth

Вице-спикер Госдумы считает, что рождаемость падает из-за интернет-зависимости молодежи

The birth rate in Russia is declining, including due to the Internet addiction of the youth. This opinion was expressed by Deputy Chairman of the state Duma Olga Epifanova, speaking at the forum “Sanctity of motherhood”. Her words are on the website of the “Fair Russia”.

“We are very concerned that in Russia, starting in 2016, there is a population decline. And according to forecasts it will continue until 2023,” said Yepifanov.

A devastating effect on the family institution, said Vice-speaker of the state Duma, have “negative factors the modern social environment.” “Nowadays, everyday reality has become a network organization of human behavior, first and foremost, of course, young. Most young people literally “live” on the Internet. And, of course, depend on him,” said the MP.

As a result, according to yepifanova, emasculated, historical memory, distorted important life goals, including family values. “Increasing individualism and selfishness of modern man suffers from the link between generations. As they say, being determines consciousness. This formula has not been canceled yet”, she added.

According to the chamber, the permanent population of Russia is now 146,7 million people. “Natural population decline in January — August 2019 amounted to 219,2 thousand people, which is 1.3 times more than the corresponding period in 2018. Natural growth was recorded only in 17 subjects of the Russian Federation, — the auditors. — Accelerating for the fourth consecutive year, the natural population decline creates a substantial risk to implementing the national policy for the sustainable natural growth of population of the Russian Federation”.

This summer, the United Nations (UN) released a report on the global demographic changes. According to the pessimistic forecast of the UN, by 2050 the Russian population will be reduced to 124,6 million people, and by 2100 — to 83.7 million, almost twice. According to the optimistic forecast, in 30 years, Russia will live to 147.2 million and in the year 2100 — 182,1 million.

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