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Veterinarians had to euthanize the oldest in the world.

Ветеринарам пришлось усыпить самую старую в мире бегемотихуVeterinarians say the animal suffered a number of age-related diseases

Veterinarians the Australian Adelaide zoo has euthanized the oldest in the world Hippo named Susie who has lived for 49 years.

The decision for euthanasia was made by the local veterinarian David Maklelland because of the Hippo suffered a number of age-related diseases. In recent weeks her health has deteriorated, the experts admitted that they can no longer maintain the condition of the animal at the proper level.

The maklelland noted that Susie has crossed the upper limit of the average life expectancy of hippos.

She was born at Australia’s Taronga zoo in 1967, to Adelaide animal was transported to 1975.

“The title of” the world’s oldest hippos went to Susie from Bertha, who died July 10 of this year in Manila zoo (Philippines) at the age of 65 years. The cause of death, as shown by the autopsy, was the failure of several internal organs.

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