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Veterans of the anti-terrorist operation blocked a railroad in the Luhansk region. Video

Ветераны АТО заблокировали железную дорогу на Луганщине. ВидеоBlocked the route Lugansk-Lisichansk-Popasnaya.

On a plot of Gorski Golden veterans of the ATO blocked Railways Lugansk-Lysychansk-Popasnaya. Allegedly, they are trying to prevent trade with the illegal armed groups. Already stopped the first train, moving on the occupied territory, says the people’s Deputy Semyon Semenchenko in Facebook.

“Veterans have launched the third phase of the blockade of trade with the occupiers. Blocked railroad “Lugansk-Lysychansk-Popasnaya” at the “mountain of gold”. 12 trains and more than 700 cars, is excluded from the process of financing of terrorism”, – wrote Semenchenko.

According to him, “ordinary policemen, border guards, SBU supported the actions of the veterans”.

The first checkpoint blockade is called “Redoubt Bohdan,” said Semenchenko. in the second half of the day on Wednesday at the checkpoint was shut down freight train.

“Knowing that the railroad blocked the lineup was aimed directly at the checkpoint. Had to go out on the track all. The part going into the occupied territory (54 cars) stopped. Arrived it is investigative task force which examines the circumstances of the attempted murder of a group of individuals. Veterans caused a welder. The composition involved in the financing of terrorism will be welded to the rails near the redoubt Bogdan and will be a monument to the smuggling and trade in the blood. Tombstone” – said Semenchenko.

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This morning Semenchenko wrote that 10 hours should come military and the leaders of the Luhansk region.

“Representatives of almost all military units that are close callback and expressed to the veterans its support. The generals and “top brass on the hill” swear and stomp their feet. At 10: 00 here sesheta all bosses in Luhansk region. It turns out it is! Probably will require veterans to pay freight under the “effective control” of the Russian Federation. It is now called? What guys would you tell them? Accepted requests”, – wrote the MP.

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Blockade thergbl s okupowanej territories, Perche checkpoint bilya of naselennih punktv Grsce the Gold, 4 km to ln resmiranda. Have operedila SBU, VSI prabakaran General description about those, scho veteran #ATO zablokowali movement saltney colu.

Extend VSI poperedzhennya, about 18 years vcinema sproba Bula prorate the blockade will vantuinen the line, that s pccontrol Ukraine territor amagasa protecti 56 wagons on occupavano teritory.

The line went off, supinity, pribula ad SLDC group. Zaraz z asulum, hto Yogo giving wcasc, pustiti on zablokowany Col on people.

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