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Vet on his own example showed the suffering of the dog. Video

Ветеринар на собственном примере показала, как страдают собаки. Видео The woman was closed in the car under the sun.

British vet Sefani Woodward had done a experiment to understand what they feel animals locked in a hot car.

Locked up she spent 30 minutes and recorded the experiment on video. Woodward says it was unbearable.

When she sat in the car outside was 31 degrees, 30 minutes, the temperature in the car rose to 46 degrees. She left the window ajar as it usually do those who leave dogs in the car, but it did not help, the temperature rapidly rose.

The vet said that even these conditions do not correspond to what the animal feels, because at any moment she could walk, and the dog starts to panic.

Also, dogs don’t have sweat glands and have hair, which exacerbates the situation even more.

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