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Very xenomorph things

If you follow the news on the second season of “strange Affairs”, then you may have noticed that the creators of this time went to a very interesting promotional way. Once again, gracefully emphasizing that their child is imagem cult horror movies of the last century, they are again and again new posters wink at the classics. First there was the “Nightmare on elm street”, then “Stay with me”, and “Running man”…

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The fourth art in this striking series makes a reference to “Alien” by Ridley Scott – no, not dark, horse, will visit the town of Hawkins (although he could do this in a series called “the Slasher of Things”), but this type of egg, discovered On the other Side, to touch once again clearly not worth it. Moreover, in this terrible place “no one can hear you scream”…

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The second “Very strange things” will be available on Netflix on 27 October 2017.

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