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“Very strange things” interwoven with “True detective” in the short film “Techno-Western”

The young Director Jordan Downey is known to a narrow circle of people at fierce treshchinka “Day of slaughter” and “the Day of slaughter 3” with demonic turkeys, space worms and robots. However, his new work is a very different kind. Talking about short tape of”Techno-Western”, and no, it’s not steampunk, not operational movie or anything. Rather, this is another homage to kinoepopee 80s. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

First short film friendly nods “Very strange”, from the hit Netflix and then “true detective”, the third season of which we were recently promised. Oh, and of course, smells like a king.

“Techno-Western” lasts some 14 minutes, but during this time manages to immerse the viewer in its atmosphere: small town America, summer, sunset, a lone figure on a Bicycle on a deserted road. And of course, a mystery, which is investigating the boy.

Here is what the Director himself about how this story was born:

Actually I got the idea from my childhood. When I was a kid, I had a water gun that I painted to look like a gun or beamer from “Star wars”. I attach the flashlight and folding knife, pretending to hunt for the bad guys somewhere in the woods. At this point I was a real bounty hunter, just like Boba Fett. I often imagined: what if the bad guy is still out there somewhere in our little town, and I could solve the crime and catch him for the reward?

About it you’ll see in the short film, but it’s not as fun as in fantasy. The story is told quickly, but thoughtfully, and the tension grows with every second, inevitably develop into heavy drama. Thus eye pleasing picture, clear, beautiful and yet dull, dry as old memories of something good. Something that will not return.

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