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“Very strange things” Firestarter

The creators of the series “Very strange things” (Stranger Things) continue to competently play on the nostalgic feelings of the fans and give out posters, referring to the horror films of the second half of the twentieth century. There is, of course, and original content (although it’s not without “oldschoolness”), but lately almost all the posters to someone, “say Hello”. The old Freddy, old king, and his Majesty xenomorph.

Thus the brothers Caffery and the company is preparing the audience for the second season of the series, and at the same time show the sources of inspiration that helped them to work on first. Posters-references appear every Thursday, therefore, very interesting: the tradition will continue until the premiere? If anything, we don’t mind. On the contrary.

This week a poster dedicated to the film Mark Lester’s “Firestarter” 1984 release. A young drew Barrymore played a girl named Charlie, with the gift of pyrokinesis. Well, intelligence services, known by such abilities are not. In General, Charlie and the Eleventh lot in common – the girls will have friends. Became friends, and then have guided to rustle together.

“Very strange things” will return to Netflix under the upcoming Halloween: October 27.

PS: well, when the bringer of death the fire remains on the other side of the screen. In life it looks much worse.

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