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“Very strange things 2” on the cover of Entertainment Weekly

The creators of “strange Affairs” gradually moving away from its original idea with the posters-references and moving to direct advertisement of the second season of the show, which we’ll see very soon. The sequel got a really great trailer, a stack of dramatic arts with the characters, and a full poster with will Byers, opening the door to adventure (and huge monsters hiding in the clouds and is strongly reminiscent of the works of Lovecraft).

In addition, the main part of the series was lit and on the cover of the October issue of Entertainment Weekly, often indulgent film fans a variety of exclusive. The first brought together the four main characters, the second their older counterparts, and the third went to eleven performed by Millie Bobby brown. I admire and look forward to the premiere of the show, which will take place on 27 October 2017.

In the yard in 1984, and the inhabitants of Hawkins, Indiana, almost recovered from the horror of Demogorgon, and secrets that are harbored laboratory Martin Brenner. But really if will Byers was saved, whether he was able to completely leave the “Opposite direction”? And will he be able to warn my friends about what kind of sinister giant entity threatens all who survived last year?

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