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“Very strange case”: poster, stills, photos from the shoot and a bit about the monster

It’s Friday, and that means that yesterday was Thursday. At least Captain Obvious insists on this. However, the usual Thursday poster “Very strange things” (Stranger Things) never happened. Either we missed it or the creators of the series realized that the second season is much closer than it seemed before. It is time to forget Demogorgon and switch to full announcements continue.

In fact, progress in this direction was visible a week ago: after a long break we finally revealed a fresh poster of the second season, while Thursday’s posters-sending was a kind of fantasy on the theme of the first season.

Meanwhile, in foreign the Internet (or even Thursday) there is another poster with the heating heart with tsiferki “2”. Very atmospheric image captured Sheriff Hopper performed by David harbour. He’s standing with a flashlight in the middle of a foggy clearing with the mutilated pumpkins, all Willy-nilly arouses memories of the brothers of our space – xenomorph. Rather leakwatch and their cocoons. It was really cool, what is really there.

In addition, we got a few shots from the second season and pictures from the set. For them thanks to colleagues from Entertainment Weekly, thanks to which we have a post from the news “a very strange cover.”

Of course, first drew the attention of the newcomer – and how! Actor Sean Astin, better known as Samwise Gamgee, without whom Frodo never would carry the ring to where it should, the second season of the series was played by Bob Newby. The plot of this character at the time, went to school with Joyce Byers and Jim Hopper, and now with Joyce (Winona Ryder) it will be linked to romance.

Synopsis the second season:

In the yard in 1984, and the inhabitants of Hawkins, Indiana, almost recovered from the horror of Demogorgon, and secrets that are harbored laboratory Martin Brenner. But really if will Byers was saved, whether he was able to completely leave the “Opposite direction”? And will he be able to warn my friends about what kind of sinister giant entity threatens all who survived last year?

Mentioned evil entity, which we have already had a couple of times to see, was given the name Shadow Monster (“the Shadow monster”). The brothers Duffer said that for the second season wanted to make a new monster, not like Demogorgon. With the last they are most inspired by “Jaws”. Demogorgon was something of a shark swimming in the ocean (another dimension) and is able to emerge and attack at the most unexpected moment. A Shadow monster is inspired by oldschool classics of horror literature, in particular – the unknown creatures of HP Lovecraft, which above human understanding.

As the characters cope with such a monster, will know in a month. “Very strange things” back on October 27.

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