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Verification of residence: who and how many can punish

Проверка прописки: кого и на сколько могут наказать “Raids” Ukrainians should not be afraid, and for the first time can do warning.

In the spring of 2017, the Kiev government plans to check how many people live in flats and identify Ukrainians without registration, the Deputy mayor Pyotr Panteleyev said at the end of last year. Checks will concern only those who live in flats without meters for cold and hot water. The objective of the audit is to achieve “justice” in paying communal. So, the bills on hot and cold water in apartments without meters comes to the social norm of consumption. The amount depends on how many people use the services. The lawyer of the company “De Jure” Alexander Gong explained that threaten the Ukrainians without registration and who has the right to verify residence.

According to article 6 of the Law “On freedom of movement and free choice of residence in Ukraine”, Ukrainians have to change the registration, if you are going to live at the new address not less than six months. At the same time, military service, participants in court processes, Ukrainians unfulfilled property commitments have to report that he moved, after a month of absence in the “old address,” says the lawyer.

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You need to register document such as a tenancy agreement or the right of ownership of the apartment. In addition, the center of administrative services you need to bring the original passport of the one who is registered and who owns housing. Men will also have to show military ID.

The Ukrainian, who does not reside at the place of residence, and within 30 days are not registered, for the first time face a warning, explains Alexander Gong. If in the course of the year to “get caught” again, you will have to pay a fine of 17 to 51 hryvnia.

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“Also, I believe that in the event of failure to comply with registration of the present dwelling places, it can be difficult for persons taking part in any trial due to the fact that the court carries out official correspondence with such a person at the registered place of residence. This can lead to the fact that the person will not be aware of the challenges it in court and, accordingly, the imposition in respect of his judicial decisions”, – says the lawyer.

Check can local authorities and staff of the center of providing administrative services. However, given the small size of the fines, to walk on apartments and offices in order to find the Ukrainians without a residence permit, the officials will not, Alexander Gong.

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