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Vera Savchenko started to argue with an expert live. Video

Вера Савченко устроила перепалку с экспертом в прямом эфире. ВидеоSavchenko was angered by the question of access to state secrets.

Vera Savchenko entered into a verbal altercation with a military expert Oleg Zhdanov, who asked her a question about the appropriateness of the admission of her sister, extra fractional people’s Deputy of Hope Savchenko to the state secret.

“Savchenko was involved in issues of legal protection of citizens of Ukraine. Maybe she can change jobs in the Verkhovna Rada? She now serves on the Committee on national security and defence, and has a Committee of legal issues. Maybe this is its role and place?” – said Zhdanov.

The expert recalled that its work on the post of people’s Deputy Nadezhda started with the exchange of prisoners.

“Then she was engaged in the liberation of the occupied territories. And now we hear from you that she’s totally dedicated to the protection of the rights and freedoms of citizens of Ukraine”, – he turned to Vera Savchenko.

She is troubled by specific formulation of the question, because it expressed his “subjective point of view.” “You stuck a label!” retorted Faith.

After that Zhdanov recalled the controversial visit Savchenko in the occupied Donetsk.

“As people’s Deputy of Ukraine, have access to the documents of special importance, without protection and guarantees not to fall again into captivity goes into the city, temporarily not controlled, in which the jurisdiction of Ukraine? Who ensured her safety and Neudeck classified information?” – said the expert.

In turn Savchenko emotionally declared that in Ukraine “a new time has come” and “born new people”
“You overgrown with moss in this country, sit in their seats for years,” said Faith.

She also expressed confidence that her sister is able to keep state secrets. She noted that Savchenko after service in Iraq and in Russian captivity did not give reason to doubt yourself.

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