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Vera Farmiga will come to us in “the Electric dreams of Philip K. dick’s”

The star of the horror novels “the Spell” and series “Bates Motel”, a wonderful actress Vera Farmiga have joined the caste of a promising television project “the Electric dreams of Philip K. dick’s” (Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams), which is the Area of the Horrors told me the last time in April.

Recall, the first season of the show will consist of 10 episodes, each of which is based on a particular work the recognized classics of science fiction Philip K. dick. Farmiga will play in a series called “Kill all others” (Kill All Others), a synopsis of which is as follows:

The main character of this story notices a dead body hanging from a lamppost right in the middle of the street. Here only, besides him, all as if to spit on it! The hero does not know that it all started with a shocking statement, which was made by a female politician, pushing people to violence. And when one person dares to doubt the reasonableness of what is happening, he becomes an instant target for everyone.

Fans of Philip K. dick should have guessed that we are talking about the adaptation of the story “Sad the stranger” (The Hanging Stranger) 1953. And the role of the same woman-the policy will be performed by Vera Farmiga.

The script for the episode written by Dee Reese, she will be his to direct. So let’s see what the girl is capable of in the genre of sci-Fi Thriller, and then her horror about the misadventures of a lesbian in a rural location and check it out.

Castes of the episode are actors Glenn Morshower (“24 hours”) in the role of ed, Mel Rodriguez (“Better call Saul!”) in the role of Philbert Noyce, Sarah brown (“castle”) as his wife and Jason Mitchell (“voice of the streets”) as Lennie.

Producing project Ronald D. Moore, Michael Donner and Bryan Cranston. The latter will also star in one of the episodes. The production of the series took over Sony Pictures Television, the show will deal with Channel 4. In addition, the first four of the series will be available for viewing at Amazon.

So we shall see “Electric dreams” this year!

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