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Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson talking about “the Curse 3”

The universe of”the conjuring,” continues to grow – no failed projects in her like he did, but interest in it still will not evaporate. Moreover, that shooting “the curse of Annabelle 3” has been completed and next in line marking and “Spell 3”.

As we already know, in trikvele branch about a sinister doll was a place the heroes of Faith Farmiga and Patrick Wilson, I mean, Extensa ed and Lorraine Warren. This time fiddle went not to them, and the young McKenna grace, but the adult actors in the process of filming also liked. In a recent conversation with the guys from Digital Spy video in a couple of sentences describe what will happen to the series in the future.

We just finished work on “the Curse of Annabelle, 3”, and it was awesome. Always a pleasure even more immersed in this franchise. “The curse 3” will be different from anything you’ve seen before, and it’s great.

The same, incidentally, had previously said the film’s producer, Peter SAFRAN:

Obviously, we can’t do another film with ghosts, right? Can’t do another story about the supernatural that lives in the house and put family danger. Right? So I think there should be something else entirely.

On the third “Spell” works is not the Creator of the first two parts of James WAN, and Michael Chavez, the Director of the future of horror, “the Curse of the weeping”. What Chavez has brought into the horror universe that so impressed the leading actors and producer? This we learn not earlier than next year – and hope that the franchise suddenly jumps, for example, in the field of black Comedy, like some “evil dead”.

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