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Vera Brezhnev shared the secrets of beauty

Вера Брежнева поделилась секретами красотыThe singer does not use sugar.

Recently Instagram has a new project, organized by friend Ksenia Sobchak – Matilda Shnurova, Oksana Lavrenteva, Polina Kitsenko and other. Was established Sorority #SlimBitchClub, in which stars share their secrets of harmony.

On the project page in Instagram Vera Brezhnev spoke about his daily diet and training. Brezhnev said that do not consume dairy products.

“My morning starts with three things upon awakening: a smile, a glass of warm water (preferably warm when I am on tour is not always possible to warm it, but just a glass of water then) and warm up! I have my warm-up, the type of charge. Is Surya Namaskar (set of exercises sun salutation). I have it takes 15 minutes. After that, I feel the lightness, flexibility, plasticity and, of course, love! Surya Namaskar means sun salutation, that is, I welcome the day in a physical sense and emotionally. Certainly, it is an important exercise, but it’s not every day possible, and morning warm-up and charging still pumping my body, so I have it a daily mandatory ritual, regardless of what time I woke up. If we talk about physical activity, I combined three different physical activity: cardio load, power load, which I just do on the Mat, sometimes using small items such as rubber bands, weighting, and the third element is Pilates. For me it is important. Then, of course, food. About the food for me necessarily three meals a day as possible”.

Faith admitted that they do not consume sugar. “I am lark, a man in the morning and I have Breakfast. That is, after everything I’ve done, I eat Breakfast. I love porridge, I love it, so my Breakfast is usually cereals. Sometimes I can eat the cereals, some protein, if you know that soon will have lunch, in most cases it is an egg. Or cheese cakes in the corn flour. It replaces my corn porridge with protein, when there are cheese as the protein. I had lunch – with a hearty meal, the most beloved (Breakfast too, but during lunch I try to eat what you love, all that I want, even if sometimes long currently do not allow). Dinner is the easiest , it should be done before 8 PM. Of course, there are force majeure events and exceptions, but rather exceptions, regularly I have to finish dinner before 8 PM. My dinner consists of protein, vegetables, and white or green because all the vegetables are yellow, red and orange colors contain sugar and water retention. By the way, about sugar! I consume nothing refined at all! I don’t use refined oil, I don’t eat refined sugar, do not eat refined flour, so I have all the food in the main my diet raw. If I’m not confident in the quality of products, say, in a cafe, restaurant, plane, I just don’t eat them. Instead of sugar I use to eat honey without heat treatment, even in the mess sometimes add honey and, therefore, fruit. That’s all from eating sugar. I don’t eat dairy products nor whole milk or sour cream instead of sour cream in salad can add yogurt. Sometimes I eat cheese and rarely, if much want, can drink kefir or yogurt. During the day I drink a half liter of water. I deducted a factor for all the well-known formula. According to my formula I have based on my weight to drink one litre and 200 ml of water a day, I drink about 1.5 litres. 5 factors that are the basis of my life’s well-being is: sleep, psychological harmony, physical exercise, proper nutrition and massage. This is what, in fact, is my life, keeps her in perfect balance! Well, at the moment, neither in my body nor my face no implants, no Botox, no fillers, that is, I – ekoprodukt, blood and milk! But there is a couple of extra juicy kilogrammchik after the holidays. By the way, on vacation I also stick to the rules of nutrition and exercise,” shared the star.

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