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Vera Brezhnev harshly criticized fans

Веру Брежневу жестко раскритиковали фанатыVera Brezhnev decided to buy himself a Shoe new clothes and went to the Department store.

Popular singer and ex-member of pop group “via Gra” Vera Brezhnev has recently visited a Shoe Department of a Department store, to purchase a new pair of shoes. But fans saw a new photo of the singer, felt that Faith had left it in the shop a fabulous sum of money.

In his Instagram account, the singer put a photo on which she stands next to a large truck, which is full of Shoe boxes and signed the photo with a question:

It’s cold… it’s time to change tires. Who can guess how many pairs have I bought?” (RUF. and item. ed. the precision is impressive. – approx. Ed.).

Fans who thought that the whole truck with shoes belongs to the Faith, immediately protested that Faith boasts that can afford to buy a myriad of shoes, when ordinary people hardly have enough money for one: “”I love artists Like to brag, envious people” “Yes, but we doctors work weekends and one brand shoes can not afford…” “Why is that even spread, well, can you afford to buy so much done!” “One that hurts! Who shoes need to counted, and one of the last drops panties…it would be Better that money to some kid to help.. ” “No need to put” “Why so many? Frantic with fat, it is better if children in children home or hospital… a shame, someone driving and someone bread crumbs from the table, sweeps and eat, life is unfair” “Why this show? Stupid. To brag that you can afford it.. and to whom?” (RUF. and item. ed. the precision is impressive. – approx. Ed.).

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Faith could not withstand such pressure from the fans and explained what it is: “You may not understand humor? What is the brag)) any normal person understands that this is not my truck. you still before you condemn, you must first understand at least in something))” (RUF. and item. ed. the precision is impressive. – approx. Ed.).

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However, attentive fans realized what number of shoes bought Brezhnev, looking at the feet of the singer, showing new clothes.

Journalist, Pointmedia Alla Omelchenko recalled that Vera Brezhnev, despite his busy schedule, still trying as time to spend with her two daughters. And in one interview one told me what price she was given the success.

Веру Брежневу жестко раскритиковали фанаты

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